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Iceland Day 0

My sister (My Sistery Facebookpage) and I started our journey on the 2nd of June at 7:30 PM at the Vienna International Airport.

Our plane should have departed at 9:30 PM but it was delayed by 50 minutes because of bad weather conditions in Vienna. The flight usually takes about 4 hours but the plane couldn't land in Keflavik because it was very foggy. So we circled around the airport for about 1 hour until we could land.

This was my second flight and my first long one. At my first flight I felt not so good so I was a little bit nervous because this one was a longer flight. But the flight was okay for me. At the airport we grabbed our luggage and got our car. It was a Hyundai i30 which was a really good car.

The drive from the airport to the first hotel was really exhausting. It was dark because from 0 to 4 AM it's dark in the the summer months, I drove in a foreign country so there are a few things different and it was really foggy so we couldnĀ“t see more than 50 meters. We arrived at the hotel "Hotel Vogar" at around 2 AM Iceland Time (4 AM Central European Summer Time). At the hotel we found a letter and keys. On the letter was written "Philipp + Daniela 12". So we took the key 12 and went to our room. We immediately went to bed because we were really tired from the flight.

But this is a Blog about Photography so I also want to write about my Gear I was using.

My Gear



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Philipp Keschl on 27 June 2016