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Iceland Day 11

After the breakfast we talked about what places we want to visit that day. We decided that we drove to the Þingvellir National Park and then to Reykjavik to our last hotel. We packed all our stuff and drove down to Selfoss to buy some food for the day.

After a really nice car ride we reached the National Park. Fortunately there was a big parking place because we weren’t alone there. We had to pay 500 ISK for the parking which are about 3.70 € and that was for the complete day. So that was completely okay. We tried to walk on smaller ways to get away from the many people. In the park are some houses with a small church which looked really nice with that great landscape. We also found a small waterfall which I photographed with a longer exposure than the other waterfalls. Thanks to the great vibration compensation on my Tamron lens that was possible without a tripod.

We drove to Reykjavik where our first stop was at a washing box. Our car was really dirty inside and outside. The front of the car was full of flies and the back full of dirt. The dirt was also inside the car from our shoes. We also used a vacuum cleaner for the inside of the car. The cleaning was not so easy because the descriptions at the washing box were only in icelandic. So we tried with the offline translation to find the right things. For the washing and vacuum cleaning we payed 15 € but the car was really clean after that. It wasn’t as clean as when we got it the first day of our road trip but we thought that it was enough.

At the hotel (Storm Hotel) we looked what we would do the rest of the day. We decided that we want to go to the Perlan which is a big water tank with a viewing platform on top. After a 30 minutes walk we arrived there and had a great view over the city. There was also a restaurant but I found an Chips restaurant ( near our hotel and we wanted to eat there. So we went to the shopping street of Reykjavik where the Chips Restaurant was and got 2 big ones. That were one of the best chips I had in my entire live.

We walked back to our hotel. I backupd the images and edited a few of them. We searched on the internet what we would do on our last day in Iceland.

Route of the Day

Picture of me

Philipp Keschl on 09 July 2016