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Iceland Day 12 and Summary

That was our last morning in Iceland. We packed all our stuff back into the suitcases which wasn’t so easy. We hadn't bought anything but we had many things with us because of the weather. We parked our car near the shopping street Laugavegur. The parking there was the most expensive but we only paid 15 € for the complete day. That was okay.

Our first stop was at the Hallgrimskirkja church. We drove up with the elevator to get a great view of the city. Up there I took the image I saw months before on the internet. The weather was really nice that day so the images look really great. The church is really simple inside which my sister and I really liked.

On the way to the Cathedral of Christ the King we come along the town hall which is by a small lake. The Cathedral of Christ the King looks on the outside and inside like a typical church. There we sat down on a bench because we had our big backpacks with us and our shoulders hurt and we had so much time left that we didn’t have to stress.

After a few minutes we went to the harbour. We looked at the many ships and took images. We walked along the sea and came to the Harpa. The Harpa is an opera and concert hall. The front of the building is completely out of glass blocks. We used the free Wifi to look what we can do the rest of the day because it was 3 pm and we already saw everything we wanted to see that day.

After one hour we went to the shopping centre Kringlan which was about 30 minutes to walk. The Kringlan is Reykjavik's largest shopping centre. We looked in a few shops but found nothing which was good because our suitcases and backpacks were full and so we couldn't get it home. After that we decided that we go back to the Laugavegur street where we looked what we can find there and also got some dinner. We stopped at the Klambratún Park and sat a little bit in the sun. We bought some souvenirs which weren’t cheap and went to the Pizzeria Ítalía veitingahús for dinner. There we got a real italian pizza. That was one of the best pizzas I ever had. We went to our car and drove the 50 minutes to the Keflavik International Airport. On the way we tanked up our car. We gave our car back and walked to the terminal. After the check in I backed up my photos one last time and we waited for the plane. I saw on my phone that we walked 18 km that day with our 8 kg backpacks.

We both couldn't sleep during the flight but we first noticed in the taxi that we were tired. At Home we first ate breakfast and slept a few hour. After the short sleep I started to realize that the 2 weeks are over and I was a little bit sad. But this was for sure not the last visit of Iceland.

Route of the Day


In the 2 weeks we drove 3200 km but we both hadn't noticed that. The landscape is always so beautiful that the hours we spent in the car felt like minutes. We both can recommend Iceland 100%. We know that Iceland isn’t a destination for everyone but if you like the landscapes, the nature or the silence you have to go there. Get a car and drive around the island you won’t regret it. The 2 weeks weren’t cheap but if you don't eat every day at a restaurant you can save a lot of money.

I took 2500 photos over the past 2 weeks and we filmed around 4 hours with the Gopro. But it is very hard or actually impossible to capture the landscape that it looks the same as in real. If you like the images go there and you will notice that it looks and feels much better.

If you want to know more about the trip or have questions write me on facebook or any other social media I have.

If you liked the articles or you want to give feedback also write me that I can deliver a great experience.

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Philipp Keschl on 10 July 2016