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Iceland Day 2

As described in the last article we had to reach the ferry at 9:00 AM. So we got up at 6:00 AM, packed all our stuff and drove away from the hotel at around 6:30 AM. It was to early in the morning so we couldn't eat breakfast there because that would have started at 7:00 AM. So our breakfast was only a Corny (granola bar).

We took the longer way but it had an amazing view and we wouldn't have to drive the way back we took the day before. Unfortunately after a few kilometers it started to get really foggy so the view wasn’t so good anymore and it got difficult to see the street. This was also the first time we drove on a gravel road which was in really good condition so it was no problem. On the whole way to the ferry we saw only one car on the road. Okay it was early in the morning but only one car drove by us that was kinda funny.

On the ferry the view was also really bad because it was extremely foggy. We drove about 3 hours until we arrived in the Westfjords so we had time to take a look on the map and plan the remaining day. We decided that we drove a longer way to our next hotel so that we can see more of the Westfjords because on the next day we had a long way ahead of us and then we would have driven the road from the ferry to the Hotel two times. Afterwards this wasn’t the best idea. Some sections of the road were really really bad. We only drove 10 km/h and the car wobbled around like a small boat on the sea. An 4x4 car would have been better for this road. But the view and the landscapes on this road were gorgeous and we took a lot of great photos.

On the ferry we took a look on the map and saw that on our way there would be a small town with a gas station that also has food. We were happy that we found something because we were really hungry. We bought some toast, cheese and cookies. The glove compartment in our car could be cooled so we put the cheese in it so that it doesn't get bad. That was one of many great features of our car.

The day before I read on the internet that our next hotel (Hotel Breidavik) had been an institution for children who are hard to raise before it was turned into a hotel. I could not forget that. When we saw the hotel this got back on my mind. It was really foggy and so the atmosphere was really strange there. It was also completely quiet because we were around 1.5 hours away from the next “city”. It could have been because I read about the institution and also my sister said that I exaggerated but it was a perfect place for a horror movie that day.

After we checked in we drove 25 minutes to the puffins which were in the westernmost point of Iceland and Europe. We parked the car and walked up the hill to the puffins. Once we were on top I noticed that I left my backpack in the car and now I only had the 15-30mm wide angle lens with me and couldn’t photograph the puffins. So I walked back to the car to get my 70-300mm lens. Those who can’t use their head must use their back. The wind was really bad and so it was cold up there. But we took some great images.

Back at the hotel we took a walk to the sand beach because our hotel was directly at the sea. We walked around took some photos and enjoyed the rest of the day.

This hotel wasn’t so nice compared to the others but everything was clean and we had all we needed. In the room there were two big chairs in front of the window and we had an amazing view at the sea. We ate the rest of the toast and cheese. After my backup routine I looked at the images and was really happy with the results but that isn’t always the case because I put high expectation in my work.

Route of the Day

Picture of me

Philipp Keschl on 28 June 2016