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Iceland Day 7

The last night wasn’t the best. I couldn’t sleep really good because the curtains let too much light in the room. We started our day as every day at around 10 am. We drove to Myvatn. Our first stop was the crater Hverfjall. That is a big gravel hill. The way up wasn’t so easy because of the gravel and it was really steep. On the top we took a few photos and decided that we don't want go around the crater because that would have lasted around 2 hours.

So we went down and drove to a parking place which was nearby the crater to walk by the sea. But that day it was really warm so the flies were really annoying. We would have been able to buy a net but they also sat on our arms so that wouldn’t have been better. We took a few photos and decided that we drive around the lake and than to our next hotel.

On the way the view out of the front window got worse because there way so many flies. When they flew against the window it sounded like it would rain.

At the hotel (Hotel Hallormsstadur) we brought our luggage in the room and drove to a waterfall called Hengifoss which was 10 minutes away. We had to walk a little bit but I wanted to make and long time exposures so I took my tripod with me.The way up was really steep and the wind blew. Because of the hard wind the tripod wobbled around and the images of the waterfall weren’t perfectly sharp. Afterwards I could leave the tripod in the car and only got my camera with the wide angle lens with me. This package would be lighter and so it would be easy to go up there. But I took really great images up there.

Back at the hotel we ate and planned the next day.

Route of the Day

Picture of me

Philipp Keschl on 05 July 2016