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Iceland Day 8

That day we had to drive the second longest route between our hotels (300 km). It was no problem because on the first half of the route wasn’t much to see.

When we were on a gravel road we mounted the GoPro on the hood of the car because we wanted to film the roads while we drove. I have the suction cup mount which is made for that so it was really easy and safe. Fortunately I used the underwater case because after a few kilometers filming it started to get really foggy and the GoPro was really wet. There were big drops on the lens so you can’t can see anything on the video.

The first real stop of the day was at the Jökulsárlón - Glacier Lagoon. This is a big lake with icebergs in it which have the color blue. After a few kilometers on the road we found a second ice lake named Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. There is was quieter because the big busses stopped only at the other one. There I took this really nice image of the ice reflecting in the water. The scene there was really nice for taking photos.

We reached our hotel and then drove to the waterfall Svartifoss which is in the Skaftafell National Park. Because I learned from the last day I only got my DSLR with the 15-30 wide angle lens. This set also ways 2kg but it is lighter than my tripod and the backpack. From the parking place to the waterfall we had to walk 4 km. On the way we passed the waterfall Hundafoss.

At the waterfall I couldn’t make long time exposure because I had no tripod with me. But I had a Tamron lens with me that has great vibration compensation so I could shoot really slow shutter speeds handheld. 1/5 s at 15 mm (22mm on my apc body) was no problem.

Back at the hotel I looked at the images and was really happy with the results.

Route of the Day

Picture of me

Philipp Keschl on 06 July 2016