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Welcome to my Blog

In this blog I will write about photography for example about my gear, travels to other countries, a shooting or an event.

But who am I.

I´m Philipp Keschl. I was born in 1994, I'm a passionate photographer and I love photography gear. In this blog I will write about that because it's so much fun and a really important piece of my life. I want to transmit my knowledge in this area to help other people. I will write about my photo tours or single photos that I can tell the story behind the pictures.

Because the website is complete self developed I will also write an article when I update it to describe the new features and improvements. I know that currently (June 2016) a few things are missing such as comments or likes but I work on that and I hope that I can add this soon to the page.

That’s it for now.

If you want to know more about me you can look on my about page.

Picture of me

Philipp Keschl on 27 June 2016